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Anonymous asked:
"Rant ConnorUniversity-rpg or Ivoryroseacademy"

I’ll do both :)

Ivory Rose Academy:

  • Plot: I like this plot, and i’ve only ever seen it done a few times before, so although it’s not completely orignal, it’s still a great idea.
  • Theme: I like it, but i think roleplay main pages need to be simple and easy to read, so having a theme where the title is sideways doesn’t really do much for me, but that’s my only major issue.
  • Bios: Your bios kind of vary, some are very good while others need a bit more detail. And i understand this, i mean some characters are just easier to write than others, but it could still use a little work. Also, when using gifs for the bios, try to find ones that have no text on them.
  • Main tip: Really just make the main blog easier to look at/navigate

Connor University: 

  • Plot: I have seen it done many times before, but fortunately you do explain it very well which is always a plus and i like the whole frat and sorority thing (By the way huskies = love) But i am a bit confused about how you have all the different bios on each of the houses individual pages, i think you would be much better off just organising them by house on the main page, because otherwise they look like separate rps
  • Theme: The only problem i really have with it are the house names that they have on the side. Like i said, i like the idea, but all the colours and such are just a bit too much.
  • Bios: I like that you have the house and everything, and that you include what the person is majoring in, it can show a lot about the person, and the bios that i read have good detail which is great.
  • Main tip: Just simplify everything, there’s no need to over complicate it

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